Monday, August 30, 2010

On May 19th, I got the best birthday gift anyone could ask for...a black and white pic of the most perfect little human being I've ever seen. My baby sister Casey is having a baby herself! After numerous trips to Gymboree and Baby Gap and several dollars later, my closets begin to fill with clothing for the Sprout (I coined this name for the bambino). Just when I thought my heart couldn't be more full, my sister calls and asks if I could be the person that stays with her the week after she has the baby to cook, clean, and basically be the overbearing caretaker. I've never been so in awe of my sister. She's calm. She carefully reads labels and ditches toxic lotions. She avoids cold cuts and queso (nearly impossible). Just watching her be a mother to be fascinates me. As her belly grows, so does my excitement. December will be the best month of our lives. I look forward to meeting the most perfect little man that this family is eagerly waiting for!

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