Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I've never been a real book reader pursay. Over the past few months I've read some books that have changed my life and I wanted to share this particular one. Joy Gills is like a sister to me and gave me a gift that I had to pass on. After reading, I prayed over the book and I immediately was told to purchase seven copies of the same book for certain individuals. I must say it has changed them as well. The book is written by a Cardiologist in West Palm, FL and I can certainly relate to much of the story due to the profession I'm in, however it doesn't focus too much on medical jargon. I now believe AND understand the power and beauty of life and death due to the Lord's will. We pray so often for loved one's to be healed from sickness. I've learned not to pray to keep our loved ones alive or to miraculously be healed. I've learned to pray for God's will, because in the end (after all of the suffering), it WILL be God's will. Please grab a copy...Amazon.com has it for a very affordable price. It's a 2-3 night read tops. I look forward to hearing the feedback!

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